going further together


SOPIL is a family firm founded in 1961 in Pirey near Besançon in the Doubs region of France.

Initially a toolmakers, the firm has expanded into stamping small parts in ferrous metals and various alloys used in connectors.

It supplies a variety of sectors including the automotive and electrical industries, telephony, the rail and aerospace industries and the medical and household appliances sectors.

On premises covering almost 12,000 m², with a workforce of 117, SOPIL produces more than 1,600 different items/parts in runs that can vary from 10,000 to several million units, using a range of 800 different raw materials.

Quality, price, lead time – three essential criteria that have enabled SOPIL to establish a loyal client base and guarantee regular growth.

SOPIL has been steadily building on its foundations for 60 years and endeavours to do everything possible to ensure it remains your partner for the next 60 years.