Go further forward in electronic and telephone components on carrier strips and complex stamped circuit boards

SOPIL has the equipment and the know-how to produce a wide variety of products by blanking or stamping, from a large range of materials of different grades and in thicknesses ranging from 0.08 to 6 mm.

From the mass production of loose products through to components on carrier strips, including assembling parts by welding, riveting etc.

We have three workshops equipped with 35 blanking presses (Bruderer, Zame, Yamada, etc.), ranging from 25 T to 300 T, to enable us to meet our customers’ many different needs.

Presse à découper chez SOPIL
SOPIL, pièces découpées

Go further forward in assembled components and stamped parts for connectors

In addition, specific investments enable SOPIL to integrate the latest technologies to meet the requirements of its customers’ specifications.

Integrating new blanking machines and new production management and supervision systems and implementing continuous improvement also allows the firm to enhance its skills level overall.

Curiosity, innovation and taking calculated risks are key elements in SOPIL’s philosophy.

SOPIL, pièces découpées
SOPIL, pièces découpées
L'atelier de découpage de SOPIL à Pirey près de Besançon


Le bâtiment logistique de SOPIL à Pirey près de Besançon

SOPIL’s 2,800 m² warehouse is the hub from which it manages internal and external flows.
It is large enough to house sufficient quantities of materials and finished products.
Our stores enable us to meet all our different logistics needs, managing the kanban system, maintaining a consignment stock, operating a milk run, handling EDI, etc.


Contrôle qualité chez SOPIL

The quality of a SOPIL product is closely linked to the reliability of its processes.
However, it is also reinforced by meticulous in-process self-inspection by our operators based on specifications pre-validated with customers.
The quality teams play a real support role in every aspect of our different activities.


Le bâtiment logistique de SOPIL à Pirey près de Besançon

Loyal partnerships with suppliers and subcontractors enable us to be genuinely responsive, to propose INNOVATIVE technical solutions from the initial study phase onwards and to be competitive in the serial production stage whilst constantly improving processes.