Go further forward in tool design and manufacturing

Making blanking tools has always been SOPIL’s core business. That is why it has never stopped investing in people and machinery to maintain its know-how and keep production of its tools in house.

This means SOPIL is able to guarantee its customers a perfectly controlled blanking process, whilst allowing for continuous improvement of processes and ensuring constant quality.

The sheer variety of tools designed and maintained at SOPIL means its toolmakers are multi-skilled and adaptable. When it comes to fitting a new tool or maintaining one already in production, the same care is taken to ensure the reliability and longevity of the tool in question.

Fabrication et maintenance d'outils de découpe chez SOPIL à Pirey près de Besançon
Fabrication d'outils de découpe chez SOPIL à Pirey près de Besançon

This level of skill is what enables SOPIL to guarantee its tools for life.


Le bureau d'études de SOPIL

The engineering department, where the process of designing an effective and reliable blanking tool begins, now consists of 5 people.
It has the capacity to work with customers in co-development mode, with the permanent objective of optimising costs and guaranteeing reliable production of their parts.
It provides assistance, when needed, to SOPIL’s different departments, be it with drawing up a commercial offer or developing blanking tools during the project phase, or participating, in collaboration with maintenance and production, in continuous improvement throughout the product life cycle.


Conception d'outillages dans les ateliers de SOPIL

The toolmaking shop is literally SOPIL’s lifeblood. It provides our customers with a fully comprehensive service: design, making the tool, production, maintenance.
Constantly adapted and added to, this workshop boasts an extensive and varied range of production machinery using technological solutions including electrical discharge machining, grinding, turning, milling, laser machining.
SOPIL uses some thirty different conventional and CNC machines to make its blanking tools and to provide the production units with a fast, responsive in-house after sales and maintenance service.


SOPIL - Coil de matière pour pièces découpées

SOPIL aims to support its customers throughout their development projects. That’s why its sales and project departments are grouped together in an entity named Business Development. This organisation allows for continuity in projects as they progress.
The entity encompasses all the skills needed to provide its customers with technical support and advice during their development projects.
The Business Development department is the main point of contact with the customer, ideally positioned to manage its requirements and all the project input data and to liaise with all SOPIL’s internal departments.